There Can Be More Than One (This Is Not Highlander!)

Even if you don’t watch Highlander, you know the famous line ” there can be only one.” While we are not the immortals fighting in an exciting episode, we sometimes feel as if we can only be or do one thing. I don’t mean we need to try to do everything that comes to mind, but we are able to be and do whatever we set our minds to. Is there an unwritten rule that says if you are a doctor, you can’t be a lawyer too?  I don’t think we have to choose between something, we just need to choose what it is we want to do. In today’s society we wear many hats without even realizing it. As I was re-writing my Twitter bio this morning, I listed some of the things I do. The list included the following:

  • LPC
  • CAMS
  • DCC
  • NCC
  • Zeta
  • Mom
  • Yaya
  • Daughter
  • Activist
  • Sister
  • Auntie
  • Friend

It seemed a little overwhelming until I realized these were all things I enjoy doing. There are even things I didn’t mention because I didn’t want my bio to be long and drawn out . I am taking a creative writing course that’s not only helping me with my blog, but also helping me with my book. I enjoy writing and I want to continuously improve my skills.  It would be so easy for me to say I can’t become a blogger or a published author because I am already a therapist. I am learning to be more fluid instead of rigid. It goes back to the control factor and trying to make everything go a certain way. There is nothing wrong with planning, but there is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box and trying something new. Give yourself permission to do and be anything to want. Take my blog for example, I initially planned to only write about my journey with HS, but I am realizing my life consists of so much more than that. I had to give myself permission to be fluid and write about anything I choose to. I am so thankful I believed my parents when they told me I could be and do anything I set my mind to. Here is my latest poem called “Love”. I need to revise my “hat”  list and add poet.  Who knows what I may decide to do tomorrow?


Love, is that you? I heard about you a long time ago. I always wondered when you would come for me. I see you with everyone else, just passing me by. I’ve tried to run you down and force you to stay, but somehow you managed to get away. I saw you today with the couple at the park. While I stood back and observed from a distance, you had an admirer who looked as if she was ready to risk it all to get a piece of you. Yeah, I’m not there yet.  Is there enough of you to go around? I’m afraid I will miss my chance with you or you will be depleted when it’s finally my turn. Should I set out to find you or let you find me?


4 thoughts on “There Can Be More Than One (This Is Not Highlander!)

  1. Some great post you made here, I was actually looking forward to seeing something like this. Thanks for sharing, I’ll pass it on immediately


  2. I haven’t really thought of all of the “hats” I wear, especially without even thinking about it. From one moment, I’m mom, solving some toy issue, and in the flip of a switch, I’m a daughter answering a phone call, while being a business owner doing a task. That’s kind of crazy to think about!


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