A Day To Remember……

Today is August 28, 2017, my father’s birthday. Wow that was so hard to write because my father passed away in September of 2006. I have dreaded this day since August 29, 2016. I didn’t know how or what I was going to feel when I woke up this morning. Much to my surprise, I woke up feeling “okay”. I went about my normal routine of walking my dog Gambino as soon as my feet hit the floor. No time to check the bandages or see if there are any new cysts that made themselves home overnight. We walked outside and that was when it happened. I saw the trees blowing from the cool wind, the birds were chirping and the sun was peeking through the clouds. I knew that was a sign from daddy that he is okay. Today was going to be a good day. My physical pain was low and mentally I was constantly reminding myself my dad wants me to be okay. Let’s see what happens.



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