Life Is Great. (terms and conditions may apply!)

This is the post excerpt.

Woosa….. I have to take a breath. So much pressure surrounding my very first post. Well, here goes… hey ya’ll! Yes I am an Alabama native and it definitely shows.  I started this blog with not only myself in mind, but with all of us who have an illness that is not always visible to the naked eye. I mean sure I can just lift up my left arm and play connect the dots with my cysts and scars, but I don’t go around pit flashing people! I have Hidradenitis Supprotiva. It’s a mouthful, so HS for short is perfectly fine. It is very painful and can be very debilitating.  With all of the pain, bandages, inability to wear white clothing or plan an outing on any given day, this can also cause even the strongest person to be sad. That’s why I decided to start this blog to not only bring awareness to HS and other chronic illnesses, but to provide motivation, laughter and therapeutic approach  to living life. I want to get to know my readers and share in our journey. I will share information about HS and mental health as well as some of the anecdotes and quotes that keep me going. As you know there are days when I say NOPE and pull the covers over my head and I plan on sharing those moments too. I am looking forward to getting to know and hearing from my readers. Let’s do this…. (together with some assistance because I can barely walk today!)

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